Building upon this rock…

What it means for Christ to become for each individual believer the rock upon which his faith is built:

a direct, personal confrontation of Christ.

a direct, spiritual revelation of Christ.

a personal acknowledgement of Christ.

an open and personal confession of Christ.


Back to school…

Because I am a teacher, school started for me on Monday.

At the end of the first day, I heard that I was suppose to be at a workshop… Next day at the workshop, we start doing the previous terms work, now I ask you why do we do the previous terms work, and how can it be that there is still teachers that teach grade 7 but can’t do grade 7 maths???

The state of our countries education is very very poor!


I am not sure what to think… I wanted to use this blog to voice opinions and talk about deep and intelligent topics, instead I have used the blog so far as a diary, mainly talking about my bf….

Sounding a bit shallow so far…

Hopefully I can do both from here on out! (Without sounding shallow.)


Things I absolutely despise is when people underestimate me.

Let me tell you, I hold 3 degrees from what you would call an Ivy league university in South Africa (although we don’t have any proclaimed ivy league universities), one of which is a Psychology degree.

So, when someone is lying to me, I can usually see successfully through the lie. Not always, but I think most of the time (I’m not saying my psychology degree is the reason for this, but I do think it helps).

Stop lying, if you don’t wanna do something, just say so.

But remember that I will remember this… (Goodness, I sound like the mafia… 😁

Hope and pray.

Stan decided that he is going to stay with me… I am very excited but also a bit nervous. I hope this works out okay.

He is really religious after getting baptised on Sunday. I like it, but I feek a bit left behind.

Hopefully everything works out okay! All I can do is hope and pray!

On another note, I am writing this again from the dentist office, busy with my last appointment for the root canal. Yay!20150716_110315

A rock and a hard place.

Things are going very well between me and the bf, so much so that he wants to drop out of his honours program and come and live and work with me and in the small town I live.

Although I am very happy about this, as I do want him near me, I am a bit afraid that he will throw it in my face one day that he did this for me, even though I think that after 8 years of study and two degrees later he is suck of studying.

And after all of this the thing that troubles me the most is his family, yhey hate me and are going to say that this is all my fault and that I made him do this.

Caught between a rock and hard place…